lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013

The Pride of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the biggest and most famous Spanish teams. The popularity of the Catalan team has gone out of Spain and now people from Buenos Aires to Sidney wear the Barcelona shirts with pride. The club always has been an antipode of the Real Madrid. The Catalans are proud with their history, culture and identity and the Barcelona FC is a big part of their lives. The cult towards Barcelona has gone out the football fields. The club organizations is ruled by so called `socios` or fans in other words. The club and teams are devoted to their fans, and there always exists a connection between the socios and the ruling members of the club.

The biggest derby of the Spain and the whole world is between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The fans rather see their teams die on the field but to loose in these matches. Barcelona gained much of its popularity due to Johan Cruyff`s coaching in the beginning of the `90s. He created so called ` dream team` which won the first ever Catalan Champions League title. The heritage of the Dutch coach is unbeatable. Under his coaching Barcelona won eleven titles, including La Liga, Copa del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup. Cruyff is the long serving Barcelona coach with eight consecutive seasons.

The next and most successful Barcelona`s `dream team` was with Guardiola as a head coach. With the new coach Barcelona became the first team ever to make the sextuple. The Catalan team won everything they could win in 2009th. The Spanish title, Cup, Super Cup, Champions League, the European Super Cup, the World Cup- all of these titles make the Barcelona triumph historical.

With the new coach Barcelona players are still eager to show their quality, and footballers like Messi will not satisfy with another average season.

miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2012

Latin Flavor

The Latin football is known for its exclusive technically performance. Latin American players are preferable in the most European clubs. As a country with many Latin American footballers in its championship, Spain is one of the leading football nations. Spanish players are symbol of desire and improvisation on the field. Thus Spain won two European titles and a World Cup, making the country the most successful soccer nation in the 21st century.
The new championship in Spain is on its way. The fans are expecting more interesting championship, but the main contenders for the title are still the same- Real Madrid and Barcelona. We could expect great things from team such as Atletico Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Malaga and Valencia. Atletico Madrid won the Europa Cup and took its latest title- the European Super Cup. The team from Madrid devastated the reigning European Champions Chelsea with a huge 4-1 win. Atletico has a balanced team, with many quality players fitting perfectly in the squad. They could become the biggest surprise in this year`s Champions League.

Athletic Bilbao and Valencia play well at home and they could create a lot of problems for the opponents. Unlike the team from Bilbao which relay on players from the Basque region, Valencia has created a good squad ready for the new battles. The `bats` spent years of turmoil and they want the new season to be a new begging for this famous Spanish team. `Los Che` is on the right way, finding a solution for the big financial problems. Even without Mata and Villa the team managed to finish third in La Liga for three consecutive seasons.
Some say that Latin football is the best in the world. If you ever experience a derby match in La Liga you will agree. To love Spanish football is to know football at all.

lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012

The London Spurs

Tottenham Hotspurs is an old club with a lot of history, but… lack of present successes. The Spurs were the first ever team that made a double, winning the League title and the FA Cup. The team has a number of supporters in England and overseas. The biggest rivals of the Tottenham football Club are the London teams, such as Chelsea and Arsenal.
It seems that the Spurs has overcame it status as an average Premier team, playing total and attacking football. The managers such as Harry Redknapp have brought a new philosophy the North Side football team. The White Hart Lane has become a white castle, in which many of the English title runners-up lost games, in which the Spurs showed that the team is one of the best in England. The white fans still remember the clash between Arsenal and Tottenham, in which the title was taken away from the `gunners`. Winning against the Arsenal football club has a very special meaning for the Tottenham fans. In the past 10-15 years the `gunners` have caused become one of the biggest English teams. Tottenham Hotspurs hopes that they will continue to upset the biggest teams, as they are considered already as one of them.
The team from North London has first-class players, and a new manager- the former coach of Chelsea and Porto. With the signing of the Portuguese manager Villas- Boas the owners of the team have declared the desire to win something this year. The manager has a strong background leading two titles winners- Porto and Chelsea. Some of the Tottenham players were part the biggest teams in Europe, such as Chelsea, Real Madrid and Arsenal.
Tottenham will try to achieve new wins in the European tournaments, something that fans will adore. This year the Spurs look stronger than any other year. They are hungry for more glory